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First Trip of 2018

I work full time writing software and spend part time maintaining the software I wrote for a previous employer. They never hired someone to replace me and instead pay me to fix what comes up. The upgrade to Windows 10 has been a boon to my savings account. So when I found out I have extra vacation time to burn from my full time job, I volunteered to show up for a week and catch up on things.

My boss there has 40 acres on the Platte River and said if I bring the RV I can hook up to his power and stay out there. He would give me a ride to work in the mornings and back in the evenings. Sounds good to me.

As I wrote before, it’s been a hectic couple of months. I just barely had time to dewinterize the RV and didn’t have a chance to check it fully before taking off.

I made the trip without any real issues. The fridge wouldn’t cool down on propane so I need to look at that. I turned the water heater on when I got up and didn’t have warm water after a while. I had to leave that to look at after work. The good news is the air conditioner and microwave work, and so does the water pump.

When I got back from work I checked the water heater again. I accidentally left it on all day and it was plenty hot. The best I can figure is I turned it to heat on the electric instead of the usual propane and it must take longer. I will have to get up earlier in the morning and maybe have breakfast first.

I still need to clean the air conditioner filters, change the batteries in the smoke detectors and CO detector and a few other things. But if you’re going to work on things then this isn’t the worst place in the world to do it.



De Winter Blues

It’s finally spring and time to get out the RV. We had a really long winter and I was really desperate to dewinterize but had to keep holding off because of the temps. In early May I figured we were finally able to get out our baby and dewinterize.

Our schedules have been crazy this last April and May so this was easier said than done. We had a graduation in Illinois coming up over Mother’s Day weekend and I needed to use the RV the next week so I had to get it done the week before Mother’s Day. I picked up a checklist on how to dewinterize and it suggested when I sanitize the lines I let the bleach sit in the lines for 12 hours.

I had a time getting out in the mornings because for some reason I kept having reasons to be to work on time so being late wasn’t going to cut it. I finally found a morning that would work and the evening before I cleaned the antifreeze from the lines and added the bleach and water. That next morning I let the water tank drain and got to fill it up with clean water a couple of times.

I dumped the tanks in the yard, which was a mistake. I must have broken loose some toilet paper from the black tank. Oops. I cleaned up what I could. The neighbor that takes care of that side of the yard isn’t going to be too happy.

I checked the tire pressure the day I was supposed to leave for my business trip. Another mistake; I should have done that earlier. The tires were all low so I took it to the RV dealer in town. I needed more propane so they added that. They checked the air pressure and agreed it was low but wouldn’t fill up the tires. I found a mechanic down the road that said he’d take a look at it. He filled up what he could but couldn’t get the inside duallies to take any air. Sigh. I called an RV dealer in Council Bluffs and they said they don’t do tires, they hire a local place close by. I called them and they said sure, bring it in. I did and they got the rims off and the inside tires filled up quickly.

I should have scheduled more time to get all this done. I also need to print out a list of steps and what I’ll need so that I can have everything together and a better plan in place.