Moochdocking At Its Finest

While on our way from Omaha to the Rocky Mountain National Park, we stopped at a friend’s house to spend the night. He and his wife have close to 40 acres of land just off I-80. He always said we could stop by and stay with the RV so I called him up and drove on over.

We got in at close to 10 pm and chatted a bit. Toby loved playing with their dog Myah as they ran all around the open field. Maybe we need to take him to a dog park.

Jim has a light pole with a 50 Amp hookup so we pulled over there and plugged in. We didn’t need the A/C because it was a cool night. We opened the windows and had a great night of sleep. It was dark out and no noise whatsoever.

I had the alarm set so we got up and made some coffee. We took Toby for a walk near the RV and went to see a tiny cabin that Jim and his wife have as a rental. We have considered buying some land in Tennessee and putting a tiny house on it so it was nice to look around and see how it fit.

Stopping there was a great idea. We had a great night and it was free!


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