Taking Sparky to a Class Reunion, Day 5

Up and At ‘Em

We slept okay through the night, despite having the generator run all night long. I guess we didn’t disturb anyone because we didn’t get any knocks on the door. It was around 5:30 in the morning when we woke up. One of the girls working there was flirting with some cops outside. We walked Toby and had some donuts for breakfast, then packed up to leave.

Northern Arkansas Is a Beautiful Place

I always enjoy driving through northeast and north central Arkansas. Lots of trees, some hills and lots of streams along the way. We traveled through Hardy. Lots of memories in that town. It was easy driving with little traffic.

My Kingdom for a Damn Diesel Pump

We last filled up with diesel before leaving Memphis. We tried filling up in Paragould but the spout was too big for our tank. We tried again at the truck stop in Jonesboro but that wouldn’t fit, either. We tried every little gas station along the way that morning and every one of them was too big.

Finally, a Place to Fill Up

We stopped in Mammoth Springs, Arkansas, right on the border with Missouri. We found a gas station that had the right pump and filled up. We were just under a quarter of a tank. The guy at the counter said the stations down that way sell off road diesel, not the kind we need. It’s a good thing I didn’t force it. We figure it’s about time to buy a gas can to hook to the back of the RV the next time we travel south.

A Heavenly Place to Rest

Not the eternal rest, but close to it. Mammoth Springs is home to a spring and has built a nice park around it. The sun was still coming up and fog was all around. We stopped at the park to walk the dog and hung out for close to half an hour. Some turkeys were chilling under a tree and the water moving by sounded so relaxing. They built a sidewalk and several bridges along the way around the park and into town.

A Long Drive Home

The rest of the day wasn’t all that remarkable. We drove through south central Missouri and through Springfield and caught highway 13 through Cabool. We finally hooked up with the interstate and went north through KC and had an uneventful trip home.


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