Taking Sparky to a Class Reunion, Day 4

The Last Day in Memphis

In Day 1 I told you about our plans and preps for a class reunion. Day 2, we visited the Arch in St. Louis and Grant’s house. Day 3, we stuck around Memphis and had BBQ. Then we slept in and had breakfast at Mom’s house. I wanted to get on the road by 10 so we could make it to Paragould in time to see some family there and drive around.

We got some gas on the way out and had an easy drive to Jonesboro. We stopped at a Love’s Truck Stop there and looked around. It’s where we planned to spend the night. Gas was a little expensive so we decided to wait until Paragould.

Seeing Some Family

My family members live just outside of town between Jonesboro and Paragould. It’s in an area of condos arranged around a pond. We found some extra parking and started up the generator. We wanted to keep the dog cool with the A/C. We visited for an hour and went back to Sparky.

Checking Out the Town

We drove around town to see how things had changed. We drove by Reynolds Park and through the RV park. They tore out the pool I used to swim in as a kid. Some of the stores downtown have moved out. My old house is still standing. The park that used to have a train engine for the kids to play on doesn’t have it any more.

Making the Reunion

We drove downtown to Skinny J’s and parked on the side of the street. We started up the generator and walked over. We were the first there but didn’t have to wait long. We stuck around until 10 or so before leaving. We stopped at a gas station but the nozzle wouldn’t fit our tank.

Our First Truck Stop Evening

We drove back to Love’s on the interstate outside Jonesboro and looked for a place to park. We tried parking with the trucks but weren’t comfortable with the dark. With a gray vehicle it would be easy for any of them to miss us in the dark. We moved over to the auto side and parked in a special area they had for RVs to park. It was right next to the pumps and wasn’t ideal but worked, I guess. We put up the covers over the windows and ran the generator so we could stay cool.


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