Taking Sparky to a Class Reunion, Day 3

Class Reunion, Day 3

In Day 1 I told you about our plans and preps for a class reunion. Day 2, we visited the Arch in St. Louis and Grant’s house. Friday was a day to relax. Debbi and I slept in and went to Waffle House for breakfast. It’s pretty much an unwritten rule that we have to stop there every time we travel. We went to a couple of dollar stores to pick up some things for Mom and then back to the trailer.


My stepfather hasn’t been in good health and doesn’t get out much so we volunteered to drive everyone around in Sparky. Mom lives off Highway 51 and Graceland is on that same highway. We drove down Highway 51 to go past Graceland and get some pictures. We turned around and picked up some coffee from Starbucks before heading home.

Who Goes to Memphis and Doesn’t Get Barbecue?

When I mentioned the trip to my boss before leaving he told me about a great BBQ place in an alley. It’s called Rendezvous and is pretty well known around Memphis. It’s downtown across from the Peabody Hotel. Mom wanted to get out so we three drove down there and parked. We were lucky to get a spot close by because the Memphis Redbirds were playing a home game.

We got to Rendezvous before they got really busy. I had the signature ribs and they were great. Mom got some chicken and Debbi got nachos and neither were all that impressed. We looked around after paying. The place has served ribs to George W. Bush, the Tokyo Prime Minister, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

We walked over to the Peabody to look around. The Peabody is famous for its ducks but they had already been put up for the evening. Lucky for us, they are in a transparent enclosure on the roof. We took the elevator up and checked them out. They have a miniature version of the Peabody in the enclosure. We looked around and talked to a family from Tennessee before heading back down.

A Little Dessert

We walked towards the car and took a turn down one street that was being worked on. It’s one of those pedestrian areas going up in a lot of cities. They had some nice murals on the walls, plenty of apartments for lease and several shops open. We got some ice cream and sat down to enjoy the breeze.

We drove home past Sun Records and relaxed the rest of the evening.


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