Taking Sparky to a Class Reunion, Day 2

Class Reunion, Day 2

In Day 1 I told y’all about my class reunion, our preparations for the trip and making it to St. Louis. We stayed at the Casino Queen’s RV park that first night.

Checking Out the Arch

When we talked to security the night before they told us the store would open at 8 and we could register then. We set the alarm for 7 so we would have time to get ready and make it there on time. But there was no need for that because the sun had us up at 6:30. We took the dog on a walk and made sure we were at the door at 8.

We talked with a guy that was checking in for the morning while we waited. He was troubleshooting electrical issues on his bus. We paid for our stay and called security for a ride to the metro link station. They arrived after a few minutes and dropped us off. We bought our tickets to the metro link and our ride showed up in less than 5 minutes. We only had to make it to the next stop.

We got off the metro link and walked down the stairs to the park. It’s a really nice park and let out to the wide walkway to the arch. There were a few ponds along the edge and a few people having picnics and enjoying the day.


Hurry Up and Wait

We made it through the security checkpoint and walked into the area. We already had our tickets for 9 a.m. and had a few minutes left. They said we would be taking the north trams up to the top but that line wasn’t open yet. We looked around the store and got our national parks pass book stamped. The line for the north tram was starting so we jumped in and waited. About 9:20 they started moving people that were supposed to go up at 8:50. We finally got in line and got into a tram with a family from Iowa, of all places.

I’ve been to the arch before but it was like 30 years ago. Nothing at the top has really changed. It was Debbi’s first time. We spent about 15 minutes looking out the window and taking some pictures before heading back down.

One More Stop on the Way Out of Town

It was getting warm when we left the arch and walked back to the tram. The A/C felt pretty good then. We packed up the RV, took Toby for another walk, and checked out. We got our directions together and drove to the Ulysses S. Grant Historical Site in town.

The site wasn’t too busy. We couldn’t take Toby in so Debbi walked him around while I went inside and got our book stamped and toured some of the exhibits. They have some exhibits in the main building and another old barn to the side. They also have Grant’s house but it’s only open for guided tours. We didn’t want to wait around for the next one so we took some pictures and left.


On the Road Again

We decided to get some lunch on the way out of town, close to the interstate. We filled up with gas again and stopped at Hardee’s. We ate outside under the umbrellas. It was a little breezy but not bad.

We had an easy drive down to Memphis. Traffic was, well, Memphis traffic. People drive like idiots down there. We weren’t allowed to park in the trailer court where Mom lives so we parked at the mini storage next door and Mom picked us up. We got into the air conditioning and relaxed the rest of the night with some pizza for supper.


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