Taking Sparky To a Class Reunion, Day 1

Class Reunion, Day 1

We live in Nebraska and my high school class reunion in Arkansas was coming up. It sounds like the perfect opportunity to take the new RV on a road trip. So we decided to take a few extra days off and make a real trip of it. Since my high school in northeast Arkansas is only a couple of hours from my mom’s in Memphis, we knew we had to stop by there and visit. And our drive down there would take us through St. Louis. Since Debbi has never seen the Arch before we had to put that on our list of places to go, too.


We had to get a plan together. We wanted to cook some in the RV and made a grocery list but in the end, forgot to get everything. Or maybe we “forgot”. We had to pack up all the clothes and make reservations. The Arch is across the river from a casino in east St. Louis and it had an RV park. I made reservations there for one night. We wanted to take our time so we planned to leave on Wednesday; see the Arch on Thursday; visit Mom and my stepfather Thursday and Friday; attend the reunion Saturday; and drive back Sunday.


We took Wednesday afternoon off and came home to pack up our final stuff. We wanted to be on the road by 4 and actually made it out by 3. Not bad, especially for us. We brought our dog Toby with us but forgot his travel seat. He wanted to spend the entire trip on Debbi’s lap.

We took I-29 south to Kansas City. We stopped at the Love’s Truck Stop in St. Joseph, Missouri, for gas and to stretch our legs. And walk Toby, of course. We took our time because we weren’t in any hurry. It sure seemed like we weren’t getting the 15 mpg we were told we would get, either. The trip computer was estimating about 13 but we were catching a lot of wind coming from the south.

Kansas City was a bear to get through. We hit it at rush hour and that’s not the time to visit KC. I love that town but I’m not so fond of the traffic. But it’s easier to bear that traffic when you have a comfortable seat, big windshield and a bathroom you can hop back to if you need it. Not to mention it’s nice to be able to grab snacks from the kitchen. We caught I-70 east from there.

We stopped again in Columbia, Missouri, for supper. We went to a Wendy’s and ate while standing next to Sparky. We took Toby for another walk and climbed back in for another jaunt. We stopped again at a rest area for a bathroom break and again at a Flying J on the west side of St. Louis for more gas. We got slightly better gas mileage with that tank, about 14 mpg.

Arriving at the Casino

We took I-64 east to the exit for the casino, just past the river, and followed the GPS directions to the park entrance. The store we would normally check in at was closed since it was around 10 pm. There was a phone so I called security, filled out the form I needed to, and we found a place to park. We picked a spot at the end of a row, away from everyone else, and hooked up to the electric. The place was pretty quiet.

It was pretty darn warm out and we forgot to start the A/C before arriving so it took a little bit to cool down. I aimed the antenna and checked the TV. We got around 30 channels and watched a little TV while we waited for Sparky to cool down.



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