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My Advice for TJ

My Advice for TJ

Not long ago, I ran into a guy named TJ. The Babe and I were outside the RV and he struck up a conversation by joking that he wanted to interview rich people. We talked about an hour and it was a real delight.

I’m Not Rich

At least, not the way I measure it. Sure, I have good health, a good job and people that love me. I’m doing better than a lot of people, and by no means am I complaining. But I still go to work because I have to and I worry about losing my income through a disability or something like that. I’m not financially secure, though I’m working on it. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life but I’m working on fixing them and overcoming my shortfalls.

TJ Isn’t Rich, Either

Compared to TJ, though, I am friggin’ rich. He has no savings and is working lots of hours per week. He has a lot of debt. He bought a house fairly cheap but it needs a ton of work. Projects all over the place. His car is borderline reliable. He recently saw how poorly he was managing his money and decided to make changes. He works hard at a job and is paying off a lot of debt. It takes time, though.

But He Has a Lot Going For Him

TJ has a plan to pay off his debt. He works hard and does a lot of the house repairs himself. It’s on several acres of land and will only go up in value. He’ll have a lot of sweat equity in the house when he’s done. But most of all, TJ is teachable. He wants to learn new things and isn’t so prideful that he won’t take advice from others. He acknowledges that he has failed before and isn’t afraid of failing again.

It’s People Like TJ That Make It

Not every one of them, I suppose, because life can be cruel. But I can guarantee you that someone who wants to succeed, who is willing to learn new things and who isn’t prideful will eventually make it. The other people — the proud, the lazy, the intractable — will be where they are right now. They won’t move.