My Kingdom for an Oil Change

It seems like a simple request. I just want to get Cousin Eddie’s oil changed. He’s big but still just an F-450 under the hood.


I called the Ford dealer in town but they don’t have a lift for it. I called an RV sales place in town and they do services but not oil changes. I called Jiffy Lube but they won’t touch it, either. Neither will Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club.

Acceptance…Sort Of

I called an RV place in Council Bluffs. They do service, too, but not oil changes. They did give me the name and number of the guy next door who does them so I called. He wanted to charge $120 for the labor and materials. Really? I could take a regular F-450 to an oil change place and get it done for $40 but since it’s an RV the cost triples?

I’ll Just Do the Damn Thing Myself

I got off work that day and decided to hit YouTube. I found a guy doing an oil change on the same chassis. This will work and is simple enough to do, even for me. Now if I can just get underneath the damn thing…


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