Monthly Archives: September 2014


Have you ever stopped to really look around your house? I mean really look? Have you considered where you spend most of your time in the house? Is there an area you just don’t use?

One of the things that struck me as I read about people who decided to travel full time, whether it was in a camper or boat, is that they always said the smaller space wasn’t much of an issue. When they stopped to really look at their house and what they had, they used maybe half of their space and had duplicates of a lot of stuff. Not to mention the things they kept around just for sentimental reasons. If it’s not something you need to survive, it’s just Stuff. And as they did away with extra Stuff, they became happier.

J.D. Roth wrote about Stuff in his blog, Get Rich Slowly. Amanda also wrote about it and pointed out that Stuff represents money. And money represents time, security and power. And if you have read Your Money or Your Life, you will know that money also represents life. You have to work to pay for the purchase price, the sales tax, the income tax and more.

I am not saying Stuff is bad. But so much of what we have is extra fluff that doesn’t really add to our lives. It costs us to purchase it, it costs us to store it and later it costs us to get rid of it.